Monster Mega Mayhem DEMO

Monster Mega Mayhem DEMO 4.0

Monster Mega Mayhem is an isometric 3D Arcade Hack'n'Slay
4.0 (See all)
Icevalk Entertainment

Monster Mega Mayhem is an isometric 3D Arcade Hack'n'Slay.
The idea is simple: Complete a task within a certain amount of time. And since we are talking monsters here, the task usually involves a lot of blood, gore, violence, killing and exploding grannies...
Each monster has to slash through seven individual stages before they join in on the last five stages of murderous rampage. The stages include farms, highways, movie sets and even forsaken army bases.
The 3 monsters don't just have their unique stages and stories, they all have different abilities. Lucy for example is the fastest, but also the weakest of the bunch, while Kevin is ultra strong but slow. To succeed, one needs to know all the monsters' strengths and weaknesses.

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